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High Vibe Home

High Vibe Home

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From an interior designer and modern feng shui expert, High Vibe Home is a luxe handbook for creating restorative spaces that feel as good as they look.

Create a home that feels as good as it looks. From an interior designer and energy practitioner, High Vibe Home teaches readers how to design harmonious spaces that invite free-flowing, positive energy into their homes and lives. By decluttering and cleaning, arranging furniture, decorating with crystals or houseplants, incorporating new colors, textures, and more, anyone, on any budget, can design a home with high vibes. The book outlines key design principles and energy rules that contribute to a nourishing home, and then, room-by-room, offers achievable ways to put those practices into place. In a luxe package, this handbook is woven through with atmospheric photography, evocative shots of styled decor elements, and helpful diagrams. High Vibe Home is a must-have for design aficionados, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone interested in crystals, feng shui, or energy work. Alongside smudge sticks or a cozy throw, it's a thoughtful gift for a girlfriend's birthday or a housewarming party.

ACCESSIBLE PRACTICES: High Vibe Home offers achievable, affordable practices to make spaces feel more Zen. Anyone, on any budget, can make these small adjustments to improve their home and in turn, channel that newfound positive energy into other areas of their life.

MORE THAN JUST HOME DECOR: This book is not simply a collection of design tips; it also teaches how to foster specific types of energy in your space—calming, invigorating, healing, etc. These choices can have an outsize impact on not just your mood but also your relationships, career, and health.

ON TREND: The wellness trend is still going strong, and holistic interior design is an extension of that. There are sections throughout the book on crystals, chakras, feng shui, and other types of energy work, which will appeal to those interested in these on-trend wellness topics.
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