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Maileg Bonfire Set
Let's go camping! Our adorable Bonfire Set is a perfect extension for our Hiker Story. You can add marshmallows, bread and sausages to the stick and the mice can hold it over the fabric bonfire. Our hiker mice have been updated with magnets in their paws to be able to hold the...
Animambo Maraca
Featuring attractive and engaging artwork designed by famous French artist Magali Antiogbe. Helps develop motor skills, dexterity, coordination, listening and timing, rhythm, sequencing, creativity and imagination. All DJECO products are made from the highest quality materials, all are completely non-toxic and meet and exceed all US and European testing standards....
Maileg Big Brother Mouse in Matchbox, Yellow Shirt
A classic Maileg item. This big brother mouse is ready for hours of play and sleeps tight in a little matchbox. The clothes and bed linen are made of soft fabrics with unique prints and beautiful colors. Age: 3+ yr.  Measures: 5.11" H.  Cotton and Linen. 
Maileg Big Sister Mouse in Matchbox, Multicolor Dress
Maileg is a heirloom, Danish brand in which toys are shared, cherished and played with by children of all ages, and handed down for generations. Maileg is pronounced like 'My Lie'. Age: 3+ yr.  Cotton and linen.  by Maileg
Maileg Royal Twins in Matchbox
The Royal family is now complete!  Each twin is 4.33" tall. Made of cotton and polyester. Ages: 3+ years.  by Maileg
Tourniki Wooden Puzzle
Little ones will adore placing the animal keys in place and turning them into place.The design features 4 colorful animals to be placed in the base according to the shape of the feet. The child looks at the shape of the foot to place it and turns the heads to...
Rainbow Handle Rope Baskets
Our rainbow baskets are beautifully hand crafted in 100% cotton material. These can be easily nested together when storing away. Great for organization use as keeping blankets and toys in one place. Keep in a toy room, child's room or living room. The colorful rainbow design handles give off such...
Colorful Pull Back Mice
Get ready to rule the race with these wooden pull back mice. Pull back and let go for a burst of speed! Four different colors.  by Jack Rabbit Creations. 
Welcome Penguin Baby Card
Welcome home their newest bundle of joy with our thoughtful greeting cards. A blank interior lets your handwritten note take center stage. 4.25" L × 5.5" W Natural white cover paper Printed in full color and foil stamped Metallic gold foil Soft white envelope Blank interior Made in USA
Storybook Baby Card
Welcome home their newest bundle of joy with a thoughtful greeting card. A blank interior lets your handwritten note take center stage. 4.25" L × 5.5" W. Natural white cover paper. Printed in full color and foil stamped. Metallic gold foil. Soft white envelope. Blank interior. Made in USA.  
Bamboo Fibre Cups: Solid Colors
Made using naturally renewable bamboo, these sustainable cups are reusable, durable and dishwasher safe - bringing endless style to your party repertoire in a rainbow of pastel colors. They are dishwasher safe (up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) and are reusable for party after party. Suitable for hot food (up to...
Speckled Bamboo Cups
If you're not sure what color party theme you want, how about choosing our speckled eco cups with lots of fabulous shades? They are crafted from a bamboo fiber mix, so are practical and durable as well as decorative. Bamboo fiber mix. Suitable for hot or cold drinks. Dishwashable. Can...
Maileg Lullaby Friends Baby Rattle
Lullaby friends is a collection of beautiful items for babies. This rattle is perfectly shaped for a small hand and has a stimulating rattle sound. It is made in soft fabrics with unique prints and is packed in a beautiful giftbox. Maileg is a heirloom, Danish brand in which toys...
Maileg Medium Elephants
Made of the softest fabric and comes in great colors. They can sit by themselves and are just waiting for you to come and give them a hug. 13 inches 100% Linen outer fabric and polyester filling, weighted with a synthetic bean bag by Maileg
Maileg Big Siblings Beach Mice in Cabine de Plage
Vacation time! Big Brother and Big Sister are ready for a day at the beach, with all needed accessories and a beautiful striped beach house. Maileg is a heirloom, Danish brand in which toys are shared, cherished and played with by children of all ages, and handed down for generations. Maileg is pronounced...
Maileg Beach Umbrella for Mice
Vacation time! Everyone needs some time in the shade on a sunny day on the beach. This small beach umbrella is made in fabric and the center is made of wood. Maileg is a heirloom, Danish brand in which toys are shared, cherished and played with by children of all ages,...
Farm Wooden Pull-Along Toy
A cute and colourful wooden train with farm animal passengers. Children can enjoy putting the seven animals on the four carriages and pulling them using the cord. When not on the train, the animals stand upright and children can make up games to play with them! Contents: 1 train with...
DJECO Sticker Sheets
Stickers has been always kid's favorite toy. These fun sticker sets from French toy maker DJECO are a simple toy to spur on a child's creativity and imagination.  Each set comes with 160 stickers.  Recommended age: 3+ years up.  by DJECO
Love Can Come in Many Ways
Love Can Come in Many Ways celebrates the many diverse ways animals, and humans, show their love.Lift a swan's felt wing to discover a baby cuddled underneath, then lift a felt speech bubble to discover the words "You are loved!"Beneath each of the felt flaps is a wealth of snuggles.
Be My Neighbor?
Welcome to the neighborhood! The new cats on the block are ready to bake cookies, but they're a few items short! Help them gather ingredients by going house to house, and meet a medley of critter families. Explore each neighbor's unique home while searching inside lift-the-flap cupboards, drawers, and more...
Hand-Woven Bankuan & Metal Flower Wall Decor and Hook
Equipped with metal hooks on each leaf, this kitschy wall mirror is perfect for catching one last glimpse before you leave and hanging your favorite accessories. Mounts to wall - hardware not included. Measures:  22" Round x 29"H. Materials: 50% Bankuan, 20% Iron Wire, 10% Bacbac, 10% Glass Mirror, 10% MDF....
Child's Chef Apron, Hat, and Oven Mitt
Let your little one in on the fun in the kitchen with this chef's apron, hat, and mitt set from Creative Co-Op. Featuring an adorable Jaguar print. Measures:  24"L x 20"W.  100% Cotton.
Maileg Hiker Mouse Big Sister
She's wearing a sweet floral bandana to keep sweat and hair out of her eyes during all of her outdoor adventures. Hiker sister has an under shirt that will keep her arms safe, but won't keep her too warm because of the light fabric. Her denim dress is so adorable...
Maileg Big Brother Mouse in Matchbox
Age: 3+ yr.  Measures: 5.11" H.  Cotton and Linen. 
Maileg Super Hero Mouse in Matchbox
Age: 3+ yr.  Measures:  4.3" H.  Cotton and Polyester. 
Maileg Princess Mouse, Little Sister in Matchbox
All ages.  Measures:  4.3"  Cotton. 
Maileg Gantosaurus in Egg, Medium
Rawrrr! These dinosaurs have come back from extinction into the magical world of Maileg! But don't panic these Dinosaurs, named the Gantosaurus, are super soft and ready to cuddle! The eggs are made from recycled cardboard and have a rough look as if they were found in the Jurassic Period!...
My Maileg Rabbit
All ages.  Measures: 4.3" H.  Cotton and linen.  Care instructions: gentle wash cold, air dry. 
Bunny Bob
Bunny Bob is a must-have for all small cuddlers. They are so soft and fits perfectly in your arms. The bunny comes with a bag where a small pocket is added on front to carry your friend along. All ages.  Measures:  9.8" H.  Linen and Polyester.  Care instructions: gentle wash...
Maileg Chef Mouse with Soup Pot and Spoon
A lovely playset with a chef mouse, soup pot, and spoon. Make dinner time a play with this sweet set. Match it up with Maileg kitchen collection and miniature food for the story to continue. Age: 3+ yr.  Measures: 3.5" H.  Cotton, FSC Wood, and Metal. 
Maileg Grandma and Grandpa Mice
We all love our mum and dad, but everyone knows it is grandma and grandpa who really love to spoil the kids! Grandma and grandpa mouse come in their grand old matchbox that is furnished with a mattress, pillow, and blanket. All ages. Measures: 6.6" H.  Cotton and linen. 
Maileg Assorted Micro Rabbits
This sweet rabbit in micro size is dressed in a striped suit knitted in a soft linen/cotton blend. It fits all the micro size furniture and will secure many hours of play. The knitted suit is made in 3 lovely color combinations All ages.  Measures:  6.2" H.  Cotton and linen. ...
Maileg Assorted Micro Bunnies
This sweet bunny in micro size is dressed in a striped suit knitted in a soft linen/cotton blend. It fits all the micro size furniture and will secure many hours of play. The knitted suit is made in 3 lovely color combinations. All ages.  Measures: 4.3" H. Cotton and linen....
Maileg Baby Room with Micro Rabbit
This sweet playful set contains a micro rabbit, baby room box, baby suit, ball and a baby bottle. Age: 3+ yr.  Measures: 5.9" H x 6.6" W.  Cotton and Linen. 
Carrots in Shopping Bag
Age: 3+ yrs.  Measures: 5.5" H x 3.1" W.  Material: Cotton by Maileg
Maileg Pram Micro Stroller
Age: 3+ yr. Measures: 5.9" H x 3.93 W Made of metal and recycled polyester. 
Maileg Mini Bread Box with Cutting Board and Knife
This miniature playset consists of a bread box, half bread and 3 slices, a cutting board, and a knife. It is made of metal, wood, and polyresin. It is the perfect start of a play in the miniature kitchen. Measures: 1" x 3." Age: 3+ yr.
Maileg Veggies and Fruits Box
Remember your fruits and veggies the doctor always says. A wooden box filled with miniature food made of polyresin with the most incredible details. It is hand-painted why variation may occur. Measures 1" x 2." Age: 3+ yr. by Maileg.
Maileg Mini Toaster & Bread
It is delicious to start the day with a toasted slice of bread. The metal toaster comes with 2 pcs of bread included. It is assembled by hand which means that small variation may occur. Measures 1" x 1." Material: metal. Age: 3+ yr.
Apple Tweedy Pillow
Soft colors with our tweedy thread, inviting textures, a stylish addition to any kid or teen's room. Keep as a beautiful statement piece or use for nap time, this sweet pillow is the softest apple you'll ever pick.  13 x 10 inches. 100% cotton knit. Designed in the US. Handmade in Peru. Hand or...
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