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Ceramic Wall Hanging Swallows
Sold Separately Ceramic  5" x 2" x 6"t each
Terrazzo Cutting Board - Rectangle
Real terrazzo cutting board with a rope loop tied around the top to hang for storage. 19.5" x 7"
Big Cat Wall Art
Fantastic hand-hammered recycled cheetah and tiger wall hangings to liven up any space! Each cat will vary somewhat in size and color, as these are handmade items! Metal 28" long x 18" tall Each cat sold separately
Terrazzo Cutting Board - Circle
Real terrazzo cutting board with a rope loop tied around the top to hang for storage. 15" x 10" 
Felted Mushroom on Wood Base
Place these on your fireplace mantle or shelf or use them to build faux cloche terrarium designs. Measures: 8" x 6" x 7"t  
Faroe Enameled Metal Vases
We love these painted metal vases for their modern and sleek design. A simple but elegant addition to any room! Largest vase: 13" tall
Vintage Inspired Canisters
Bright storage with a vintage look! Each metal canister with wooden lid is sold separately. Approximately 6.5" x 5" x 4"t
Large Multi-colored Ceramic Vase w Two Handles
Large hand-painted, multi-colored ceramic vase with two handles. Ceramic Handmade 10"d x 20"t
Hand Painted Wooden Skeleton Guitarist
Wood 6" x 4.5" x 18"t Handmade in Guatemala
Ceramic Pitcher Vase with Eye
Handmade and hand painted ceramic pitcher. 10"d x 14"t
Brass Goose Neck Table Lamp with Enamel Shade
Antique inspired brass goose-neck table lamp with scalloped enamel shade.   10"d x 17.5"t Metal & enamel 
Arched Mirror with Rattan Frame
Arched mirror with rattan frame and box below for additional storage 12" x 4.5" x 15.5" tall
Hand Carved Wooden Shelf
Wood 7" x 45" x 10"t by Kalalou *Available for in-store pickup only!
Rectangle Rotating Wall Mirror
A beautiful piece that you will love coming home to, this tilting rectangle mirror has a showstopper look. With its brass finish and clean lines, you will keep it in your home for years to come. Antique Gold finish Iron and glass 27 inches tall Ships via UPS only  
Antique White Cast Iron Rabbit Wall Hook
Metal Trays on Hairpin Leg Stands
Metal trays on hairpin legs. Great for use as plant stands, retail display, and more! Distressed finish on black paint. Small: 11.5" wide X 5" tallMedium: 14" wide X 8" tallLarge: 15" wide X 11" tall
Folding Wire Multi Design Pendant Lamp
This dynamic pendant light can be bent into a variety of shapes! Each lamp comes with a metal ceiling cap and a six foot cord with a plug that can be removed for professional hard wiring. Product Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 17"t when fully extended into a tube shape....
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